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September 22, 2022 5 people Latest news

When you suffer an injury you would expect to feel a certain amount of pain which would normally settle as the tissue heals. If you’ve ever sprained an ankle, for example, you would expect it to hurt and for you to limp for a couple of weeks, perhaps. As the ligaments heal the pain should decrease until you were back to normal. But sometimes the pain doesn’t settle as expected and becomes chronic. This is particularly common with lower back and neck pain and can be attributed to many factors. It is quite common to feel pain when sitting at your desk all day. This could manifest in the form of backache or headache for example. Our bodies love movement and staying in one posture for too long can mean that our muscles and joints can start to strain, causing pain. Regular breaks from the desk, even if it is just to stand and stretch or move your neck, upper back and arms can be really helpful.

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